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Since 1888, the Diamond Creek Football Netball Club has provided a community focus for regional recreation. A key aim of any football club is to have on field success and win premierships. The DCFNC has certainly performed admirably in this regard having achieved Nine Senior Premierships and a host of Reserves and Under 19’s flags. The Senior Club combined with the junior arm of the club has been a leader in the region throughout the last 135 years. We pride ourselves in having a local Football and Netball Club for the youth of the town to aspire to join and develop Teamwork and Leadership Skills.

Today the club continues to build on the success of a vital, active, gritty and highly successful Junior Football Club as proven by the number of quality footballers moving into the senior club and continuing the growth of the club as a whole.

We have seen how the development opportunities offered by both Junior and Senior Clubs has resulted in some great memories for players, parents and families which is highlighted by players such as Gordon & Syd Coventry, Max Hudghton, Rhyce & Heath Shaw, Daniel Lowther, John Anthony, Darcy Macpherson and Lachlan Murphy  going on to make their mark at the highest level, and we are sure there will be many more that aspire and go onto demonstrate the benefits of a solid development at DCFNC.

Going forward, the Club is determined to drive on field success and re-establish itself as a dominant and successful long term Club within Division One of the Northern Football Netball League. Continuous improvement in all areas of the Club operation from improved recruiting, better club facilities to rival those in the region, professional club management, with a drive to improve and sustain long term relationships with Sponsors  and finally an absolute determination to build relationships at all levels within the wider Diamond Creek Community.

We are part of this Community of this great Town, from the youngest to the oldest and we are very Proud of Our History and we wish to invite you all to be involved in our Successful Future.

2024 Fixture

2024 fixture







We are a Gold Medal Accredited Club

We are a proud Gold Medal Good Sports accredited Club. We have reached the highest level in our program and ticked the boxes for compliance and creating a safe environment for our club members.
good sports
gold medal accredited club
good sports club
good sports

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Diamond 45 Club

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Netball DC 2 Premiers 2023
Seniors TAC Round
U19s Premiers 2023
TAC round
Netball DC 2 Premiers 2023